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(1969-    ) US author who often writes as Alex Irvine; he began to publish work of genre interest with "Rossetti Song" for The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction in March 2000, assembling this and other short work of interest in Rossetti Song: Four Stories (coll 2002 chap), Unintended Consequences (coll 2003) and Pictures from an Expedition (coll 2006). Irvine's main impact in the fields of the fantastic has been as an author of densely imaginative fantasies, including A Scattering of Jades (2002), One King, One Soldier (2004) and The Narrows (2005), the latter verging at points on sf in its depiction of life in Detroit during World War Two in an Alternate World containing worker golems. Of more direct sf interest are three sf novels. In The Life of Riley (2005), a Forerunner race of Aliens attempts to retrofit through Genetic Engineering a salvational eco-consciousness into the human race, though vivid sequences set in a drowned New York hint that Climate Change has become irreversible. Buyout (2009) is a Satire with noir overtones set a century hence in a world locked into an intensely invasive electronic environment: the tale is as savagely ambivalent about the corrosive loss of privacy in the new world as David Marusek's Counting Heads (2005). And Anthropocene Rag (2020), set in a desolated surrealized distant Near Future America, traces the Fantastic Voyage of an AI in search of some meaning in the fragments of the stories once told and perhaps believed, in the days of empire.

Also of sf interest are three Ties: Asimov's Have Robot, Will Travel (2004), tied to the Asimov Robots Shared World; Batman: Inferno (2006), tied to the film; and Iron Man: Virus (2010), tied to the Comic. [JC]

Alexander Christian Irvine

born Ann Arbor, Michigan: 22 March 1969




Iron Man


  • Transformers: Exodus (New York: Ballantine Books/Del Rey, 2010) as Alex Irvine [tie to the Transformers universe: Transformers: hb/John van Fleet]
  • Transformers: Exiles (New York: Ballantine Books/Del Rey, 2011) as Alex Irvine [tie to the Transformers universe: Transformers: hb/John van Fleet]

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