Itäranta, Emmi

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(1979-    ) Finnish journalist, scriptwriter and author, resident in England; her first novel, Teemestarin kirja ["The Book of the Master of Tea"] (2012; English version by author as Memory of Water 2014), is a Young Adult tale set in a Dystopian seemingly distant Near Future which is dominated by China and in which Climate Change has caused a profound scarcity of water. The narrative is told with what might be called liquid if sometimes ethereal grace. [JC]

Emmi Itäranta

born 1979



  • Teemestarin kirja ["The Book of the Master of Tea"] (Helsinki, Finland: Teos, 2012) [binding unknown/]
    • Memory of Water (London: Harper Voyager, 2014) [English version of the above: composed in English: hb/Shutterstock]
  • Kudottujen Kujien Kaupunki ["The City of Woven Streets"](Helsinki, Finland: Teos, 2015) [binding unknown/]


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