Ives, Cora Semmes

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(1834-1916) US amateur theatrical producer and author, whose The Princess of the Moon: a Confederate Fairy Story (1869 chap; exp vt as coll The Princess of the Moon: A Fairy Story and Some Nursery Rhymes 1897) as by A Lady of Warrenton, Va, combines fantasy and sf devices, in a manner lacking a consciously Equipoisal strategy. A wounded Confederate officer, whose land has been ruined by vicious Yankees after the end of the Civil War, is given a Pegasus-like flying horse called Hope (see Mythology) by the Fairy of the Moon, and travels to a Utopia that awaits him there, falling in love with the Princess whose father and mother rule this land. A gang of Yankee carpetbaggers soon follows in a Balloon, but they are forgiven. The utopia is a purified vision of the antebellum South. [JC]

Cora Matilda Semmes Ives

born Georgetown, Washington, District of Columbia: 26 June 1834

died New York: 27 January 1916



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