Jason of Star Command

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US juvenile tv series (1978-1980). Filmation Associates for CBS-TV. Created, directed and produced by Arthur H Nadel. Associate producer: Joe Mazzuca. Writers include Don Heckman, Chuck Menville, Ted Pedersen and Samuel A Peeples. Cast includes Charlie Dell (Professor E J Parsafoot), Tamara Dobson (Samantha, second season only), James Doohan (first season only), Sid Haig, Craig Littler, Susan Pratt and John Russell (second season only). 28 episodes in total: 16 15-minute episodes in the first season and twelve 30-minute episodes in the second. Colour.

Star Command is the military wing of Space Academy, located in the same Space Station but led by separate officers. Jason (Littler) – last name never given – is a young commander who leads his team against hostile Alien threats for the most part, although rogue Asteroids and other natural phenomena must occasionally be dealt with. Captain Nicole Davidoff (Pratt) is usually his second-in-command. Their primary foe is Dragos (Haig), emperor of a hostile Galactic Empire never mentioned by name, who travels in a huge World Ship built into an asteroid. Initially in charge of Star Command was Commander Carnarvin, played by Doohan – in, curiously enough, his only regular television role besides Star Trek (1966-1969) – who left the series to begin work on Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979). He was replaced by The Commander (Russell), a member of an unspecified alien race.

Jason of Star Command was a spinoff from the earlier series Space Academy (1977), and proved somewhat more popular than its parent programme. The first season ran as the only live-action segment of the animated anthology series Tarzan and the Super 7 (1978-1980). A novel Tie is Jason of Star Command 1: Mission to the Stars (1980) by Ken Sobol. [GSt/DRL]


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