Jensen, Johannes V

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(1873-1950) Danish poet, author and essayist, author of detective novels as by Ivar Lykke; awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1944. He is best known for Den Lange Rejse [for individual titles see Checklist] (1908-1922 6vols; trans Arthur G Chater, vols 1-2 as The Long Journey: Fire and Ice 1922 UK, vols 3-4 as The Cimbrians: The Long Journey II 1923 UK, and vols 5-6 as Christopher Columbus: The Long Journey III 1924), an epic myth spanning humanity's Evolution in Darwinian terms from its origins in a temperate Scandinavian Eden before the Ice Age, where a Prometheus figure introduces Technology, through to the threshold of modern times with the explorations of Christopher Columbus; Inventions frequently punctuate the tale, thrusting humanity upwards. The translated portions were later released as The Long Journey (omni 1933). Jensen also published several collections of "myths" that remain untranslated. [JE/JC]

see also: Anthropology; Origin of Man.

Johannes Vilhelm Jensen

born Farsø, Denmark: 20 January 1873

died Copenhagen, Denmark: 25 November 1950



Den Lange Rejse

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