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(1934-2002) US journalist (with Time-Life) and author whose sf novel, Blood Sport: A Journey up the Hassayampa (1974; vt Ratnose 1975), follows a man and his son up the Hassayampa River, along whose banks all Times – the future, the present and the past – exist simultaneously in an upwelling of Archipelago venues, as well as (in a sense) all rivers, enough to house every imaginable culture. Interpenetrating this "riverrun", the villain Ratnose flourishes ambivalently; it is he against whom the protagonists must prove themselves. The Diamond Bogo: An African Idyll (1978) is also set against conundrums of the unknown, in this case an Africa which harbours a cape buffalo with the eponymous diamond embedded between its horns, as well as a Lost Race of early humans, apparently surviving examples of homo erectus. In work like these two sf novels, and other fiction and nonfiction, Jones has created an unusual and sophisticated interaction of action and a slightly gonzo literary introspection, a quasi-genre which might be called the "literary safari". [JC]

Robert Francis Jones

born Milwaukee, Wisconsin: 26 May 1934

died Bennington, Vermont: 18 December 2002



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