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(1942-    ) US poet and author, best known for the Feminist energy of her first novel, Fear of Flying (1971). Her only tale of genre interest, Serenissima: A Novel of Venice (1987; vt Shylock's Daughter: A Novel of Love in Venice 2003), is a Timeslip tale with some sf language inattentively buttressing the premise. The protagonist finds herself haunted amid the playfully sketched glitterati of the Venice film festival – where she has arrived to star in a film version of The Merchant of Venice – and slips back to the sixteenth century, where she meets a vacationing Shakespeare and has Sex with him. Dying, she is – anticlimactically – reborn in the here and now. [JC/JoG]

Erica Mann Jong

born New York: 26 March 1942


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