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UK Amateur Magazine edited and published by Ian Redman, Yeovil, Somerset. It has been published on a reliable quarterly schedule since Summer (July) 2003 in print form and, since #32 (April 2011) is also downloadable in digital form. The paper version is a slim (32 pages) A5 format, unprepossessing with a black-and-white cover but no other artwork, and a colour cover has been used only on the fifth anniversary issue (July 2008). Each issue is numbered, rather quaintly, after each of the planet Jupiter's moons, starting with Io. Despite its basic looks, Jupiter remains an interesting magazine, seeking to publish as good quality science fiction as a non-paying market can expect, preferably optimistic and with a technological background – despite the title it does not limit itself to stories set in space. One of its most powerful stories to date has been "O-Topper, The Musical" (January 2008) by Monte Davis, showing the violent potential of Time-Travel tourism. On the optimistic side has been a series by Gareth D Jones that began with "Roadmaker" (April 2007) and explored a Post-Holocaust world which is gradually being rebuilt by robotic roadbuilding machines. Most contributors are amongst the reliable corps of regular contributors to the Small Press magazines, including Eric S Brown (not to be confused with Eric Brown), Nicola Caines, Lawrence R Dagstine, Andrew {DARLINGTON}, Guy Hasson and Lavie Tidhar who, between them, have given Jupiter a strong and rewarding character. [MA]


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