Kassil, Lev

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(1905-1970) Russian author who specialized in Young Adult tales, usually adherent to Soviet views of the proper development of Russian youth. Of sf interest is Shvambranye (1934; trans Sylvia Glass and Norbert Guterman as The Land of Shvambrania 1935; new trans Fainna Glagoleva as The Black Book and Schwambrania 1978 USSR), which describes a Lost World accessible only via a surreally dream-like version of the Fantastic Voyage. [JC]

Lev Abramovich Kassil

born Engels, Russia: 27 June 1905 [10 July 1905 new style]

died Moscow: 21 June 1970


  • Shvambranye (Moscow: Farlag Emes, 1934) [the date 1933 has also been ascribed, but no publisher has been found: binding unknown/]


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