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(1955-    ) US author, usually of paranormal romances like the Pendragon Legacy [for titles see Checklist], though some of her work – especially the loose unnamed series comprising The Challenge (2005), The Dare (2005) and The Ultimatum (2006) – is amply tinged with sf. In the first of these, a secret agent finds love in the future through Time Travel; in the second, an AI in love subjects herself to Identity Transfer into the body of a teenager so her affair can progress; in the third, a young woman with a sexual problem – she must have intercourse or die – must deal with her abductor in space. Further titles are similar: The Quest (2006) is a Space Opera involving Psionics and love; Island Heat (2007) pursues manumission in another Dimension; in Solar Heat (2008) a man in the asteroid belt finds himself insatiably drawn to the woman he has rescued from a space pod; and Dancing with Fire (2008) mixes a stolen Invention and romance in a Near Future setting. [JC]

Susan Hope Kearney

born New Jersey: 1955




Star Trek



Pendragon Legacy

  • Lucan (New York: Forever, 2009) [Pendragon Legacy: pb/]
  • Rion (New York: Forever, 2009) [Pendragon Legacy: pb/]
  • Jordan (New York: Forever, 2010) [Pendragon Legacy: pb/]

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