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(1864-1950) UK schoolmaster and author, in whose one book of fiction, A Corner in Sleep and Other Impossibilities (coll 1900), some stories of sf interest can be found: mainly perhaps "The New Frankenstein" (May 1899 Pearson's), the facetious tale of a Robot entangled in a web of useless Inventions,and "Memoria Ponderosa", about an experimental Memory Edit that goes wrong. Later tales continue in the same vein, including, "The Lady Automaton" (June 1901 Pearson's Magazine), in which a phonograph capable of conversations animates the eponymous lady, who is bulked out with straw, and "How I Won the Derby" (June 1909 Pearson's), which features a mechanical horse that wins the race in question. [JC]

Ernest Edward Kellett

born Maidstone, Kent: 23 August 1864

died Redhill, Surrey: 23 October 1950



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