Kelley, William Melvin

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(1937-2017) US author whose celebrated short novel A Different Drummer (1959) is an sf fable telling of black history in an imaginary town in an imagined southern state of the USA (see Race in SF), and ending with a mass emigration of all blacks from this state in 1957. The isolation of this town [for Polder see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below] is reminiscent of the Yoknapatawpha Country created by William Faulkner (1897-1962), as has been widely noted; but Kelley's easy use of sf and fantasy tropes is perhaps more tellingly analogous to the work of Donald Harington (1935-2009), whose town of Stay More serves similarly as a staging-point for expressive actions. Dem (1967) is a Fabulation in which American cultural myths are Satirized; Dunford's Travels Everywheres (1970) is a homage to Finnegans Wake (1939) by James Joyce (1882-1941). [PN/JC]

William Melvin Kelley

born New York: 1 November 1937

died New York: 1 February 2017



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