Kelly, Harold Ernest

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(1899-1969) UK author and publisher, founder with his brother, Hector Kelly, of Everybody's Books in 1943, then in 1946 of Robin Hood Press, for which he wrote many crime novels – being best known for those as by Darcy Glinto – and Westerns, along with some sf and horror. In the 1960s, he wrote crime under the House Name Hank Janson. As Eugene Ascher he wrote the Lucian Carolus series of occult detective novels: There Were No Asper Ladies (1944; vt To Kill a Corpse 1959), Uncanny Adventures (coll 1944 chap), and The Grim Caretaker (1944 chap). As Preston Yorke he wrote The Gamma Ray Murders (1943), which was sf, Death on Priority 1 (1945), and other crime tales. Space-Time Task Force (1953), also as by Yorke, was set in the distant future, where the robot-like "syntho-selectives" who rule Earth turn to the Primitives, who are true humans, to defend against an alien Invasion. [SH]

Harold Ernest Kelly

born London: 1899

died Canary Islands: 1969



Lucian Carolus

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