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(?   -?   ) UK author whose first, nonfiction work is Space and Spirit: A Commentary Upon the Work of Sir Oliver Lodge Entitled "Life and Matter" (1909). Much of the speculative content of this essay is carried over into his sf novel, The Triuneverse: A Scientific Romance (1912) as by "The Author of Space and Spirit". This is devoted mostly to conversations on Cosmology conducted sometime in the future, in a manner consistent with early Scientific Romance, between an Earth scientist and an Alien visitor from a micro-universe (see Great and Small; Pocket Universe). During these sessions the latter intimates that the universe as a whole should be conceived as a hierarchy of shells within shells: our solar system being an atom within a larger universe that surrounds and encompasses us and so on. The visitor's subsequent traversal of our "normal"-sized universe activates the destruction of Mars, a Living World whose auto-immune system (to use a term not yet in existence when Kennedy wrote) breaks down, causing it to consume itself. The Sun then explodes, but with the help of the visitor Earth escapes through the maze of space and Time to Alpha Centaurus, where it orbits in peace. [JC]

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