Kidd, Kathryn H

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(1950-2015) US author of some non-fantastic comic novels set in the Mormon community and, with her husband Clark L Kidd, various nonfiction books of practical advice from a Mormon viewpoint. She collaborated with her friend Orson Scott Card on the first volume of Lovelock (1994) in the incomplete Mayflower sequence, concerning the dilemma of a monkey sufficiently educated to conceive of himself as a slave (see Apes as Human; Slavery). A second volume, «Rasputin», was projected but remains unpublished. [JC/DRL]

Kathryn Helms Kidd

born New Orleans, Louisiana: 3 April 1950

died 14 December 2015




  • Lovelock (New York: Tor, 1994) with Orson Scott Card [volume one of proposed Mayflower trilogy: hb/Donato Giancola as Donato]


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