Klause, Annette Curtis

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(1953-    ) UK-born librarian and author, in USA from 1968, who has published several Young Adult novels of interest, beginning with her first, The Silver Kiss (1990), whose young female protagonist befriends a Vampire, helps him track down his murderous brother, and helps him end his own life, which has been tormented. Of more specific sf interest is Alien Secrets (1993), whose young protagonist, en route to reunite with her parents on the planet Shoon, meets a young Shoon native (see Aliens); (see Colonization of Other Worlds); while tracking down a McGuffin together, they learn about friendship. Blood and Chocolate (1997) is set partly in a Wainscot Society of Werewolves, partly in a high school, where sexual initiations (see Sex), which frequently occur in Klause's work, loom; Freaks: Alive on the Inside! (2006). which is set in a travelling circus, is fantasy. [JC]

Annette Curtis Klause

born Bristol, England: 20 June 1953




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