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Working name of French author Fernand Pochon de Colnet (1868-1930), well known for his Malthusian approach to the problems of Overpopulation, as expressed in texts like Le Crime d'engendrer ["The Crime of Breeding"] (1909 chap). His sf novel, L'Amour dans cinq mille ans (1908; rev vt L'Amour dans 5000 ans 1928; trans Brian Stableford of rev as Love in 5000 Years 2013), is set in 6905 CE, millennia after an Invasion from Mars has decimated the human race, which had been breeding unrestrictedly. The Martians had acted out of disgust with the turpitude of Homo sapiens, a bad augur of the consequences of the reintroduction of twenty-century seed, long after Evolution and Genetic Engineering had seemingly rescued us from our biology, and had transformed the Ruined Earth into Utopia. Indeed, the resurgence of old-style humans leads to the End of the World. [JC]

Fernand Pochon de Colnet

born 1868

died 1930



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