Kolupaev, Viktor

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(1936-2001) Russian author who made a striking debut in 1966, soon becoming a leading author of Soft SF; his work has been likened to that of Ray Bradbury. His lyrical short stories are assembled in Slutchitsia Zhe S Tchelovekom Takoie! ["What Can Happen to a Man?"] (coll 1972), Katcheli Otshel'nika (coll 1974; trans Helen Saltz Jacobson with somewhat differing contents as Hermit's Swing 1980) and Poiushii Les ["The Singing Forest"] (coll 1984). Kolupaeav's only novel is the controversial and somewhat unsuccessful Firmenny Poezd "Fomitch" ["The 'Fomitch' Special Train"] (1979). He received the Russian Aelita Award in 1988. [VG]

Viktor Dmitrievich Kolupaev

born Nezametny (now Aldan), Yakutia, USSR: 19 September 1936

died Tomsk, Russia: 4 June 2001



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