Kosko, Bart

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(1960-    ) US academic in electrical engineering – specializing in neural networks and machine intelligence (see AI) – and author; he is best known for a speculative nonfiction text, Fuzzy Thinking: The New Science of Fuzzy Logic (1993). His one sf novel is Nanotime (1998), a Technothriller whose title is a neologism describing the speed of Time when it is measured by Computer processors rather than human brains. The story itself depicts in Libertarian terms the consequences of its protagonist's Invention of a new Power Source in 2030, and involves various characters in Identity Transfer dramas in nanotime; everything climaxes in a speeded-up World War Three. [JC]

Bart Andrew Kosko

born Kansas City, Kansas: 7 February 1960



nonfiction (highly selected)


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