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(1950-    ) US author best known as a highly prolific producer of Fantasy, the category into which all her solo novels fall. Her first published story was "A Different Kind of Courage" in Free Amazons of Darkover (anth 1985) edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley. The Ship who Searched (1992) with Anne McCaffrey is sf set in the latter's Brainship universe. Lackey's novel-length contribution to the Darkover franchise, Rediscovery: A Darkover Novel (1993), is billed as a collaboration with Bradley, whose actual input may well have been minimal.

A further faux collaboration is the Shared World fantasy Reap the Whirlwind (1989) with C J Cherryh, actually written entirely by Lackey. She has also collaborated on fantasies with Piers Anthony and in particular with Andre Norton, who see for Checklist coverage. [DRL]

see also: Wing Commander.

Mercedes Ritchie Lackey

born Chicago, Illinois: 24 June 1950


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