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(1957-    ) US author, frequently of Technothrillers that maintain an edgy proximity to full sf, particularly in the Blaine McCracken series beginning with The Omega Command (1984) and ending with Dead Simple (1998), the last being typical in its use of an Invention just beyond current Technology – in this case a new explosive – to effect an apocalyptic but just barely possible Disaster, in this case the destruction of bridges and tunnels connecting Manhattan to the main (see New York), in order, perhaps somewhat banally, to hold the city to ransom. The Ben Kamal sequence traverses similar territory, with a focus on untoward, uncanny, apocalyptic events in the Middle East; the series begins with The Walls of Jericho (1997) and ends with The Last Prophecy (2004). Non-series titles with the same general strategy include Vortex (1984), The Valhalla Testament (1990) and The Last Prophecy (2004). [JC]

Jon Land

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