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(1908-1979) Italian translator (mostly from the Russian) and author, active as an author of short fictions from 1929. Three selections, covering most of his career, have appeared in English: Gogol's Wife and Other Stories (coll trans Raymond Rosenthal, John Longrigg and Wayland Young 1963), Cancerqueen and Other Stories (coll trans Raymond Rosenthal 1971) – which includes the short title novel, Cancroregina (1950 chap; trans Jack Murphy 1950 in Botteghe Oscure), about a mad astronaut imprisoned in a living Starship – and Words in Commotion and Other Stories (coll trans Kathrine Jason 1986), a volume taken mostly from La più belle pagine di Tommaso Landolfi ["The Most Beautiful Pages of Tommaso Landolfi"] (coll 1982), a compilation edited and introduced by Italo Calvino (the introduction is translated), who compares Landolfi to writers like Villiers de L'Isle-Adam. Landolfi's laconic, surreal, testing Fabulations, which also resemble those of Jorge Luis Borges and Franz Kafka, clearly influenced Calvino in turn. [JC]

Tommaso Landolfi

born Pico Farnese, Italy: 9 August 1908

died Ronciglione, Italy: 8 July 1979


original works (selected)

  • Dialogo dei massimi sistemi (Florence, Italy: Fratelli Parenti Editori, 1937) [coll: binding unknown/]
  • La Spada (Florence, Italy: Vallecchi Editore, 1944) [coll: binding unknown/]
  • Le due zittelle (Milan, Italy: Bompiani, 1946) [coll: binding unknown/]
  • Cancroregina (Florence, Italy: Vallecchi Editore, 1950) [chap: binding unknown/]
    • "Cancroregina" (1950 in Botteghe Oscure) [trans by Jack Murphy: binding unknown/]
  • Ombre (Florence, Italy: Vallecchi Editore, 1954) [coll: binding unknown/]
  • Racconti (Florence, Italy: Vallecchi Editore, 1961) [coll: binding unknown/]
  • In società (Florence, Italy: Vallecchi Editore, 1962) [coll: binding unknown/]
  • Tre racconti (Florence, Italy: Vallecchi Editore, 1964) [coll: binding unknown/]
  • Racconti impossibili (Florence, Italy: Vallecchi Editore, 1966) [coll: binding unknown/]
  • Racconto d'Autunno (Milan, Italy: Rizzoli Editore, 1975) [binding unknown/]
    • An Autumn Story (Hygiene, Colorado: Eridanos Press, 1989) [trans by Joachim Neugroschel of the above: hb/from Edvard Munch]
  • Le più belle pagine di Tommaso Landolfi (Milan, Italy: Rizzoli Editore, 1982) [coll: edited by Italo Calvino: binding unknown/]

collections in English translation

  • Gogol's Wife & Other Stories (New York: New Directions, 1963) [coll: trans by Raymond Rosenthal, John Longriff and Wayland Young from various collections listed above: hb/David Ford]
  • Cancerqueen and Other Stories (New York: The Dial Press, 1961) [coll: trans by Raymond Rosenthal from various collections listed above: hb/Jacqueline Schuman]
  • Words in Commotion and Other Stories (New York: Viking, 1986) [coll: trans by Kathrine Jason from Le più belle pagine di Tommaso Landolfi and other collections listed above: introduction by Italo Calvino: hb/Ralph Masiello]


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