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(1876-1933) German author active from before World War One; he is of sf interest for a Satire, Berlin ohne Juden ["Berlin Without Jews"] (1925), set in a Near Future Berlin, where – as in Hugo Bettauer's earlier The City Without Jews (1922), which influenced him directly – all Jews are expelled. The cultural and economic costs of this unprecedentedly stupid action are vast, and after much melodrama the action is reversed. Landsberger was Jewish. After the Nazis came to power he was unable to continue in his profession, and committed suicide. [JC]

Artur Hermann Landsberger

born Berlin: 26 March 1876

died Berlin: 4 October 1933

works (highly selected)

  • Berlin ohne Juden ["Berlin Without Jews"] (Hannover, Germany: Paul Steegemann Verlag, 1925) [binding unknown/]


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