Lang, Allen Kim

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(1928-    ) US author who began publishing sf with "Machine of Klamugra" for Planet Stories in November 1950 and published a good number of action stories in the following decade: twenty titles are recorded, including the comic novella "Cinderella Story" (May 1961 If), and "Blind Man's Lantern" (December 1962 Analog), in which hoped Cultural Engineering of a backward colony world involves the introduction of a sympathetically depicted Amish farming couple. Wild and Outside (1966) sends a US Baseball shortstop to civilize the feudal natives of the planet Melon (see also Games and Sports). [JC/DRL]

Allen Kim Lang

born Fort Wayne, Indiana: 31 July 1928



  • Wild and Outside (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Chilton Books, 1966) [hb/F Bozzo]

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