Langelaan, George

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(1908-1972) French-born UK writer and journalist, an intelligence agent in World War Two (underwent plastic surgery to change his appearance), active for many years in the USA before returning to France; his first work of genre interest in English became his most famous story, "The Fly" (June 1957 Playboy), the macabre tale of an unsuccessful experiment in Matter Transmission, in which the scientist ends up with the head of a fly (see Horror in SF). It was filmed as The Fly (1958), with various sequels, most notably The Fly II (1989). His collection of sf/horror stories, Out of Time (coll 1964), includes "The Fly" as already cited; the title story is a tale of Time Distortion, in which the Perception of time is slowed almost to zero. He also published several works in French, including Nouvelles de l'anti-monde ["Tales of the Anti-World"] (coll 1962) and Treize fantomes ["Thirteen phantoms"] (coll 1971). [JC/PN/MA]

George Langelaan

born Paris, France: 19 January 1908

died 9 February 1972 [1969 has also been given]

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