Langley, Bob

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(1939-    ) UK broadcaster and author of Technothrillers, some being of sf interest: Warlords (1979) is a Young Adult tale depicting the Near Future overthrow of an effective UK government through undercover American influence; in Precipice (1991) a Soviet weapons satellite under Antarctica threatens to blow up the South Pole and environs; and in Fireball (1997) the reactivation of a dormant weapons system generates a near-space conflict that might end in World War Three. [JC]

Robert Langley

born Newcastle Upon Tyne, England: 28 August 1939



  • Warlords (London: Michael Joseph, 1979) [hb/]
  • Precipice (New York: Bantam Falcon, 1991) [pb/Alan Ayers]
  • Fireball (London: Severn House, 1997) [hb/]


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