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(1913-1993) US author for children and the Young Adult market whose Gismo trilogy – comprising The Gismo: A Science Fiction Story (1970; vt The Gismo from Outer Space 1974), The Gismonauts (1981) and A Message from Monaal (1981) – begins when a young lad discovers the eponymous Communications device that links its user to outer space and an Alien race whose leader Throalian Monaal is studying Earth's society. Book two takes up the tale in the Near Future as the first protagonist's young grandson Chris travels to an alien base on the Moon. In the third volume, the eponymous message supplies Chris with the conditions that humanity must honour to become members of a galactic federation. All three are collected as The Gismo Trilogy (omni 2016).

Lazarus's other fiction focuses on Native American life; she wrote some fantasy as well. [JC/DRL]

see also: UFOs.

Keo Felker Lazarus

born Callaway, Nebraska: 22 October 1913

died Sunnyvale, California: 6 January 1993


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