Lee, Walt

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(1931-2014) US film-writer, historian and consultant with a 1954 BS in physics. He was best known in genre circles for his monumental, self-published Reference Guide to Fantastic Films: Volume 1 A-F (1972), Volume 2 G-O (1973) and Volume 3 P-Z (1974), written with Bill Warren (the credit on each title page is "compiled by Walt Lee, assisted by Bill Warren") and containing upwards of 20,000 entries. Fantasy, occult and horror films feature more largely than pure sf, but the latter is nevertheless dealt with thoroughly. The three-volume work remains a useful research tool for anyone dealing with sf Cinema, although commentary on the actual content of the films it covers is very minimal. It received a Special Committee Award from the 1975 Worldcon.

Lee later collaborated with Richard Delap on a Horror in SF novel about an Alien Shapeshifter, Shapes (1987). [PN/DRL]

Walter William Lee Jr

born Eugene, Oregon: 16 August 1931

died 23 November 2014




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