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(1979-    ) US author whose Korean background is reflected in some of his story-shapes. He began to publish work of genre interest with "The Hundredth Question" in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction for February 1999, and has published many stories since, in an increasingly wide range of venues; a selection of his best earlier work has been assembled as Conservation of Shadows (coll 2013). His first novel, Ninefox Gambit (2016), initiates the projected Machineries of Empire sequence comprising an array of complex Military SF stories in a Space Opera frame, with Equipoisal interpositions of figures – like the undead master strategist who indirectly masterminds the action in volume one – from action fantasy. A Videogame complicatedness foreshortens some of the action to a point where readers unused to that operational angle on the depiction of Galactic Empires may become disoriented by Lee's instruction-heavy prose, though this is counteracted by the general fluidity and grace of his style. This novel won a Locus Award as best first novel. The sequels are Raven Stratagem (2017) and Revenant Gun (2018).

Dragon Pearl (2019) is a Young Adult Space Opera, very full of adventures to tax the young protagonist in various coming-of-age exploits far from her backward home planet. [JC]

Yoon Ha Lee

born Houston, Texas: 26 January 1979




Machineries of Empire

  • Ninefox Gambit (Oxford, Oxfordshire: Rebellion Publishing/Solaris, 2016) [Machineries of Empire: pb/Chris Moore]
  • Raven Stratagem (Oxford, Oxfordshire: Rebellion Publishing/Solaris, 2017) [Machineries of Empire: pb/Chris Moore]
  • Revenant Gun (Oxford, Oxfordshire: Rebellion Publishing/Solaris, 2018) [Machineries of Empire: pb/Chris Moore]

individual titles

  • Dragon Pearl (New York: Disney Hyperion, 2019) [pb/Vivienne To]



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