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(1928-2013) UK editor and author, active from the mid-1940s, who began publishing his books for children, in which he has since specialized, with Beyond the Dragon Prow (1973), an historical romance. Of sf interest is the Time Rope sequence – Time Rope (1986), Three Against the World (1986), The Metro Gangs Attack (1986) and At War with Tomorrow (1986) – in which a sharp social awareness of the contemporary world is focused through a Time-Travel plot with ample conflicts; and the Zarnia Experiment sequence – comprising Landing in Cloud Valley (1991; vt The Zarnia Experiment: Phase 1: Landing 1993), Fire on the Cloud (1991; vt The Zarnia Experiment: Phase 2: Fire! 1993), The Zarnia Experiment: Phase 3: Deadline (1993), The Zarnia Experiment: Phase 4: Danger Trail (1993), The Zarnia Experiment: Phase 5: Hide and Seek (1993) and The Zarnia Experiment: Phase 6: Blast Off! (1993) – in which a Robot from an Alien planet contacts four adolescents who are not aware of their common destiny, which lies in the stars. [JC]

Robert Arthur Leeson

born Barnton, Cheshire: 31 March 1928

died 29 September 2013



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Zarnia Experiment


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