Lepucki, Edan

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(?   -    ) US journalist and author whose first work of fiction, If You're Not Yet Like Me (2010 chap), is a novella whose narrator addresses her thoughts and memories to her unborn child. Her first full-length novel, California (2014), is sf, set in a moderately distant Near Future California transformed by economic scarcity, the dissolution of effective government, and general Climate Change into a Dystopian territory dominated by "Communities" (Orwellian doublespeak for "Gated Communities"). After being vicariously involved in the catastrophic destruction of a vast shopping mall, a young couple escapes Los Angeles in search of haven through a desert terrain pockmarked, in Ruined Earth fashion, by middens impacted with the junk of our fallen civilization; and find a restrictive Keep called the Land, an "ideal" community already riven by hierarchy, strictures about Sex, an inexorable repression of women (see Feminism; Women in SF) and other doctrinal obsessions. Her second novel, Woman No 17 (2017) is a nonfantastic noir psychological thriller. [JC]

Edan Lepucki

born California.




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