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(1949-    ) US poet and author of work for children and Young Adult readers, some of which is of direct sf interest, like the Bixby Wyler sequence comprising Robot Romance (1985) and Robot Raiders (1987), in which a young Inventor creates an Android, which turns out to have uses in NASA's attempts to land on Mars; the Cupid Delaney sequence is fantasy, in which the eponymous godlet turns into a female teenager. The H.O.W.L. High sequence and tales like The Peanut Butter Poltergeist (1986) are designed for younger readers. [JC]

Ellen W Leroe

born East Orange, New Jersey: 26 April 1949


works (selected)


Bixby Wyler

  • Robot Romance (New York: Harper and Row, 1985) [Bixby Wyler: hb/]
  • Robot Raiders (New York: Harper and Row, 1987) [Bixby Wyler: hb/]

Cupid Delaney

H.O.W.L. High

individual titles


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