Letts, Barry

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(1925-2009) UK Television producer, actor, scriptwriter and author, primarily associated with Doctor Who, though he was active in the theatre from before World War Two, in a career lasting nearly seventy years. His work as producer for the 1969-1974 seasons of Doctor Who featuring Jon Pertwee (1919-1996) arguably saved the series: partly because of his savvy decision to keep the Doctor earthbound, where a non-sf audience might become used to him; and partly because his articulate liberal stance on many issues generated many episodes relevant to the contemporary world. During his term as producer Letts also directed several Doctor Who storylines. He wrote some Ties for the series, beginning with Doctor Who and the Daemons (1974). [JC]

Barry Leopold Letts

born Leicester, Leicestershire: 26 March 1925

died London: 9 October 2009



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