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(?   -    ) UK dentist and author whose Reckless Sleep sequence, comprising Reckless Sleep (2000) and Dark Heavens (2003), depicts a deeply depressed far Near Future UK Dystopia in a state of imminent collapse whose population escapes all this, plus a succession of natural Disasters, via Virtual Reality constructs that are themselves, it seems, poisonous; in the second volume, the picture darkens through the dubious promise on the part of the untrustworthy authorities of a literal escape (see Religion) with the aid of assisted suicide. Icarus (2006) is a singleton set on a mining planet beset by deadly radiation (see Colonization of Other Worlds), where the Discovery of an ancient Spaceship leads to some hope that humanity may survive the experience of the stars. [JC]

Roger Levy





Reckless Sleep

individual titles

  • Icarus (London: Gollancz, 2006) [hb/]


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