Littell, Jonathan

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(1967-    ) US author, raised partly in France (he writes in French and English), resident mostly in Barcelona, Spain. His sf novel, Bad Voltage: A Fantasy in 4/4 (1989), depicts a Cyberpunk Paris with confused verve. The young protagonist (he is black, though the cover of the first edition depicts him as white) moves from criminal activities Underground to the upper world of the rich, which mirrors the lower. The energies of the book are expended scattershot, but attractively, and (as indicated by its subtitle) takes its structure from music. Littell is very much better known for his second novel, Les Bienveillantes (2006; trans as The Kindly Ones 2009), an exceedingly ambitious nonfantastic novel about World War Two, also organized musically. [JC]

Jonathan Littell

born New York: 10 October 1967




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