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(1949-    ) US illustrator, author and editor of a Survivalist newsletter. His first novel, Anti-Grav Unlimited (1988; vt Antigrav Unlimited 3.1 2015), features a super-competent tinker/inventor hero (see Edisonade) who – in a Post-Holocaust atmosphere almost perfectly designed to serve as an arena for his exploits – uses his ingenious Antigravity device to defeat, with the aid of a female Clone, a corporate cabal. The book is well crafted.

His Night Stalkers sequence is nonfantastic, though some volumes of this set of action thrillers [not listed below] verge fairly close to the Technothriller. Long has also published the 1997 Spider Worlds Children's SF trilogy, and, self-published, the further standalone sf novels Wrong Side In (2008) and Lesser Gods (2013). [JC/DRL]

Duncan Long

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