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(1949-2016) US illustrator, author and editor of a Survivalist newsletter. His first novel, Anti-Grav Unlimited (1988; vt Antigrav Unlimited 3.1 2015), features a super-competent tinker/inventor hero (see Edisonade; Invention) who – in a Post-Holocaust atmosphere almost perfectly designed to serve as an arena for his exploits – uses his ingenious Antigravity device to defeat, with the aid of a female Clone, a corporate cabal. The book is well crafted.

His Night Stalkers sequence is nonfantastic, though some volumes of this set of action thrillers [not listed below] verge fairly close to the Technothriller mode. Long also published the 1997 Spider Worlds Children's SF trilogy, and self-published the further standalone sf novels Wrong Side In (2008) and Lesser Gods (2013).

Long's cover illustrations appeared on various genre books and SF Magazines, the latter including Asimov's and The Leading Edge. [JC/DRL]

Duncan Eugene Long

born Smith Center, Kansas: 5 February 1949

died Manhattan, Kansas: 31 December 2016



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