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Pseudonym of French poet, playwright and author Paul Alexandre Martin Duval (1855-1906), active (but already in ill health) from the early 1880s. The contes cruels and fantasticated fever-dreams for which he remains best known, and which established him as a central exponent (and dweller within) of late nineteenth-century Decadence, edge occasionally into sf topoi, but are more easily thought of in terms of a loosened Fantastika. Of his work, Monsieur de Phocas: Astarté: Roman (1901; trans Francis Amery as Monsieur de Phocas 1994) interestingly closes in on a literal dramatizing of the soul's self-destructive journey into an interior landscape precisely designed – like the painting in Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray (1890) – to entrap the voyager. [JC]

Paul Alexandre Martin Duval

born Fécamp, Normandy, France: 9 August 1855

died Fécamp, Normandy, France: 30 June 1906

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