Lost Saucer, The

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Juvenile tv series (1975). Kroft Entertainment for ABC-TV. Executive producers: Sid and Marty Kroft. Directors included Dick Dorley, Walter C Miller and Jack Regas. Writers included Barry E Blitzer, John L Greene, and Seaman Jacobs. Cast includes Ruth Buzzie, Jarrod Johnson, Jim Nabors and Alice Playten. Sixteen 30-minute episodes. Colour.

Two friendly Aliens who seem to be Robots land their flying saucer (see UFOs) on Earth and invite the young boy Jerry (Johnson) and his babysitter Alice (Playten) to take a quick journey with them. They accept, but something goes wrong during the trip, resulting in the saucer becoming lost in Time. Each week, they visit another era of Earth's past or future in an effort to return the pair to their rightful historical period. The series proved less popular than many of the Kroft brothers' juvenile efforts, and was cancelled without the storyline being resolved.

Somewhat similar to the later Far Out Space Nuts (1975-1976), The Lost Saucer is generally considered the weakest of the Krofts' efforts at a live-action juvenile sf series. Although they produced some prime-time programmes such as Donny and Marie (1976-1978), and The Brady Bunch Variety Hour (1976-1977), they are mostly fondly remembered for their various fantasy and sf children's Television series. [GSt]


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