Lurgan, Lester

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Initial pseudonym of UK author and church worker Mabel Winifred Knowles (1875-1949), who was far more prolific under her later pseudonym May Wynne, which she used for something like 200 historical romances and girl's books between World War One and her death. As Lurgan, she wrote several thrillers between 1910 and 1913, and A Message from Mars: A Story Founded on the Popular Play by Richard Ganthony (1912), which novelized Richard Ganthony's extremely popular play from 1899; the play was also filmed as A Message from Mars (1913). Both play and novel roughly reenact Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol (1843), the Scrooge character, in this case a mildly dissipated young gentleman, being subjected to visits from a superior being from Mars, who demonstrates to him various uplifting marvels as they walk through London. In the end, he awakens transformed from this vision. [JC]

Mabel Winifred Knowles

born London: 1 January 1875

died London: 29 November 1949



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