Lynde, Francis

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(1856-1930) US author, prolific in several popular genres, including detective thrillers and Westerns, these two forms being brought together in Scientific Sprague (coll of linked stories 1912), featuring the exploits of the eponymous detective-cum-engineer, who defends a Western railroad (see Transportation) against thieves, accidents and Inventions in the hands of villains. Several of his stories also revolve around inventions, including "The Great Electric Trust" (February 1898 Cosmopolitan) and "The Earthquakers" (7 January 1930 Popular Magazine), the latter story featuring the discovery of Nuclear Energy. It is not known if this is the same story as "The Inert Atom" (23 April 1915 Popular Magazine), as that journal often reprinted earlier stories. [JC/MA]

Francis Lynde

born Lewiston, New York: 12 November 1856

died Chattanooga, Tennessee: 16 May 1930


  • Scientific Sprague (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1912) [coll of linked stories: hb/]


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