Lynds, Dennis

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(1924-2005) US editor and author, most of whose work consists of detective thrillers written as by Michael Collins, the name he also used for his two Military SF adventures – Lukan War (1969) and The Planets of Death (1970) – each tale featuring cadres of despised missionaries who save civilization's bacon. Under the House Name Maxwell Grant, he contributed several originally composed Ties to the The Shadow book sequence (see The Shadow), earlier titles in which had been mainly reprints of lead novels from the pulp magazine The Shadow (1931-1949), mostly by Walter B Gibson (who had written as Maxwell Grant for many years). Lynds's additions followed on Return of the Shadow (1963) Gibson's last contribution to the series, beginning with The Shadow Strikes (1964) and ending with Destination Moon (1967). [JC]

Dennis Lynds

born St Louis, Missouri: 15 January 1924

died San Francisco, California: 19 August 2005




The Shadow

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