Madách, Imre

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(1823-1864) Hungarian playwright and parliamentarian, chiefly known for his verse play Az ember tragédiája (1861; trans Charles Henry Meltzer and Paul Vajdatrans as The Tragedy of Man: A Dramatic Poem in Fifteen Scenes 1933 Hungary; preferred trans George Szirtes 1988 Hungary). This philosophical, rather pessimistic fantasy about the destiny of mankind focuses on Adam (an optimist) and Eve (see Adam and Eve), and Lucifer (a materialist), who reappear in each scene in different guises (Adam once as Johannes Kepler), all this being a dream shown to Adam by Lucifer. The somewhat high-flown narrative begins in biblical times and ends in the future; one of the last scenes is set in space, and another on a Dying Earth in the Far Future when the Sun is dim and red. [PN]

Imre Madách

born Alsósztregova, Hungary: 21 January 1823

died Alsósztregova, Hungary: 5 October 1864



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