Madsen, Svend Ǻge

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(1939-    ) Danish author active in various genres since the early 1960s. After an early experimental stage, he wrote several novels that applied Equipoisal torsion to genres like crime and romantic fiction, in order to demonstrate their capacity, thus exposed, to subject reality in turm to a testing exposure; of sf interest in this context is Tugt og utugt i mellemtiden (1976; trans James M Ogler as Virtue and Vice in the Middle Time 1992), in which a man from the Far Future writes a story set in the 1970s (see Ruins and Futurity), his sense of the surreal constrictions and exorbitances of the twentieth century being expressed through a plot deriving from Alexandre Dumas's Le Comte de Monte-Cristo (1844-1845 18vols; trans anon as The Count of Monte-Cristo 1846 2vols). [JC]

Svend Ǻge Madsen

born Ǻrhus, Denmark: 2 November 1939


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