Magill, Frank N

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(1907-1997) US author and editor of reference works published by Salem Press, which Magill himself founded in 1949 and ran until his retirement in 1996. Of particular interest is his nominal editorship of the huge but uneven Survey of Science Fiction Literature [for subtitle see Checklist] (anth 1979 5vols) and Survey of Modern Fantasy Literature (anth 1983 5vols), for the most part edited anonymously by Keith Neilson (whom see for discussion of these works). A successor to the former work is Magill's Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature (anth 1996 4vols) edited by Tom Shippey and A J Sobczak. [DRL]

Frank Northen Magill

born Smyrna, near Atlanta, Georgia: 21 November: 1907

died Pasadena, California: 24 May 1997

works as editor

works as notional editor


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