Maitland, Edward

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(1824-1897) UK author and Theosophist (see Theosophy) whose speculative Utopia By and By: An Historical Romance of the Future (1873 3vols), set several hundred years in the future in Africa, takes an unusually optimistic view of the likely effects of Technology (irrigating the Sahara), is much interested in social theory, imagines several varieties of marriage and foresees a somewhat limited emancipation of women (see Women in SF). This didactic book is the third of an extremely loose trilogy; the first two titles, The Pilgrim and the Shrine; Or, Passages from the Life and Correspondence of Herbert Ainslie, B.A., Cantab. (1868) and The Higher Law (1869), were originally published as by Herbert Ainslie and are not sf. [PN]

Edward Maitland

born Ipswich, Suffolk: 27 October 1824

died Tonbridge, Kent: 2 October 1897



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