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(1975-    ) US rock musician and author, co-founder in 2000 and lead singer and guitarist of the band The High Strung. His first novel, Bird Box (2014), is set in a Near Future world, where the survivors of an unexplained planetary Disaster – which causes anyone who opens their eyes outdoors to murder others and/or commit suicide – must remain indoors, or blindfold themselves when they venture into the open air, for the mysterious Basilisk remains active. After five years, the protagonists attempt to escape downriver, into a psychic maelstrom, with past and present juxtaposed. A House at the Bottom of a Lake (2016) is a supernatural fiction. This novel was filmed as Bird Box (2018) directed by Susanne Bier. Black Mad Wheel (2017) repeats some of the structuring of Malerman's first novel, with a rock musician protagonist suffering something like Amnesia which may prevent him from comprehending the nature of a killing sound, a Basilisk his band has been sent into an African desert to trace. The beginnings of something like World War Three may lurk there, discernible through Clichés and aperçus offered by Horror in SF. Unbury Carol (2018) contains some hints of Gothic SF, but the Reincarnations of its Sleeping-Beauty-like protagonist seem supernatural in the end. Inspection (2019) carries over some of his proficient horror toolkit to a Near Future tale set in a world – seemingly America – riven into dread solitudinousness, a condition articulated through the separation of male from female in the tale. Not really Young Adult in tone, the narrative focuses on the coming of age of a young man and young woman, each of them raised separately in isolated schools in deep woods [for Into the Woods see the Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below]. [JC]

Josh Malerman

born Southfield, Michigan: 24 July 1975



  • Bird Box (New York: HarperCollins/Ecco, 2014) [pb/Suet Yee Chong and Shutterstock, Inc]
    • Bird Box (Concord, California: Dark Regions Press, 2019) [exp of the above as coll: one story added: illus/Glenn Chadbourne: hb/Vincent Chong]
  • A House at the Bottom of a Lake (no place given: This Is Horror, 2016) [pb/]
  • Black Mad Wheel (New York: HarperCollins/Ecco, 2017) [hb/Sara Wood]
  • Goblin (Northborough, Massachusetts: Earthling Publications, 2017) [fixup/coll: illus/Glenn Chadbourne: hb/Allison Laakko]
  • Unbury Carol (New York: Del Rey, 2018) [hb/Charles Brock, Faceout Studio]
  • Inspection (New York: Del Rey, 2019) [hb/David Stevenson, Faceout Studio]


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