Man with the Power, The

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Made-for-tv film (1977). Universal Television for NBC-TV. Produced by Allan Baltar and Rod Holcombe. Directed by Nicholas Sgarro. Written by Baltar. Cast includes Persis Khambatta, Bob Neil and Tim O'Connor. 93 minutes. Colour.

US government agent Walter Bloom (O'Connor) recruits Eric Smith (Neil) to help foil an assassination plot against the visiting Indian princess Siri (Khambatta). Smith's father, it is revealed, was actually an Alien from an unidentified planet, making Smith a hybrid being with Superpowers resembling Telekinesis. After considerable danger for the Princess, they succeed, of course.

This film was another of the many failed 1970s US Television pilots dealing with sf themes. It seems to have been reworked slightly to become the tv series The Powers of Matthew Star (1982-1983). [GSt]


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