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(1899-1972) Canadian-born author, in the USA from 1920, a founder of the American Interplanetary Society and editor of its journal, Astronautics, who began to publish work of genre interest with "The City of the Living Dead" with Fletcher Pratt for Wonder Stories in May 1930. He is best remembered for his numerous contributions to Wonder Stories and Wonder Stories Quarterly in the 1930s. His best-known series was the Man Who Awoke sequence in Wonder Stories, five stories later published as The Man Who Awoke (stories March-August 1933 Wonder Stories; fixup 1975), in which a man periodically awakes from Suspended Animation into a pulp-Stapledon succession of five societies, the last of which is in a world of Immortals. Another series was the Stranger Club sequence: "The Call of the Mech-Men" (November 1933 Wonder Stories), "Caverns of Horror" (March 1934 Wonder Stories), "Voice of Atlantis" (July 1934 Wonder Stories), "The Moth Message" (December 1934 Wonder Stories) and "Seeds from Space" (June 1935 Wonder Stories). The Asteroid sequence of above-average space stories comprised "The Voyage of the Asteroid" (Summer 1932 Wonder Stories Quarterly) and "The Wreck of the Asteroid" (December 1932-February 1933 Wonder Stories). Manning's style was very much of his time, but he had a more wide-ranging imagination than many of his colleagues. [JC/PN]

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Laurence Edward Manning

born St John, New Brunswick: 1 January 1899

died Highlands, New Jersey: 10 April 1972



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