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(1929-1978) Bulgarian engineer, screenwriter and author, whose first novel, Pobeditelite na Aiaks: Nauchno-fantastichen roman ["The Conquerors of Ajax"] (1959), which is sf, describes an interstellar expedition to the planet Aiaks [Ajax], in an attempt to recapture meaning for humans after centuries of austere Utopia on Earth. After a difficult career in Communist Bulgaria, Markov came to the UK around 1970, where he wrote commentary for the BBC. For The Right Honourable Chimpanzee (1978), his collaboration with David Phillips, the two writing together as by David St George, see comments under that joint name. Markov's assassination in London at the hands of Bulgarian agents was admitted only in 1990 after the old government fell. [JC]

Georgi Ivanov Markov

born Knyazhevo, Bulgaria: 1 March 1929

died London: 11 September 1978

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