Marriott, Crittenden

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(1867-1932) US author, a prolific contributor to magazines during the first quarter of the twentieth century. The Isle of Dead Ships (January-April 1909 The Scrap Book; 1909; vt The Isle of Lost Ships 1930), twice filmed as The Isle of Lost Ships (1923 and 1929), focuses on a well-organized Lost Race occupying a network of ancient ships at the heart of the Sargasso Sea; the plot of the tale, involving a vaguely modernistic submarine, is digressively melodramatic. The Water Devil (July 1912 Blue Book; 1924) speculates on the possibility that Dinosaurs have survived in the swamps of Florida. [JC]

Crittenden Marriott

born Baltimore, Maryland: 20 March 1867

died Washington, District of Columbia: 28 March 1932



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